About One Source

If you sell a product or service and have ever considered adding additional services to your backend to further help your clients and create more value in your brand, your clients’ experience and your overall offerings, One Source Coaching may be your solution.

For 10 years we have been successfully developing, building, and launching business coaching organizations for our partners such as Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins, Robert Allen, Jon Benson and more adding millions of dollars of top line revenue for our strategic partners. We create massive value to our strategic partners’ end clients. Our commitment is to create raving fans in your company and brand while helping your clients achieve the results from your brilliant products and services.

One Source Coaching is committed to bringing world-class excellence in providing a complete back end solution to the right companies that are looking to:

• Create an additional revenue generating service with very little effort
• Create additional opportunities for clients to help keep them for life
• Increase their value add in their existing products and services
• Work with experts that can seamlessly create, build and launch a successful coaching organization in less than 2 months.

For a personal, one-on-one consult with Stephanie Vaughan, President of One Source Coaching, please send us an email at: stephanie@onesource3a.wpengine.com.

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