Combine Coaching and Training and Increase your Revenues in 30 days!

You have an excellent product or service. You have built a solid company with great people. You’re even selling your products and services and generating impressive revenues.

But you know there can be more. You aren’t doing everything you can to maximize every opportunity for every client, let alone for your company. Less than half of all business programs never get opened, used, or implemented.


Picture this: You’re at an event. You watch an amazing, motivating, dynamic speaker in the front of the room. You’re captivated and find yourself excited by the promises he/she is making. They make this “hard to pass up offer” for a do-it-yourself program that is a fraction of what it took for them to learn all that they are sharing with you. Before you know it, you are in the back of the room and frantically or your smart phone going to their website to buy whatever it is that will change the way you do business.

You go home. You’re excited. It’s your first day back in the office.You have the entire morning dedicated to opening up the program. You’re just about to open up the box and you realize you have 357 emails from being gone at the event. You are compelled to go through some of them first, just for a “few” minutes, to make sure you are not missing anything urgent. Four hours later you look up and its time for lunch, your phone is ringing and now you have 5 back-to-back meetings the rest of the afternoon.

Day two. You start an hour early just to ensure you get some time on your program. You turn on your computer out of habit and your Skype shows you are now online. One of your staff sees that your online and seizes the opportunity. It is something urgent…of course.
Day three. You are going to watch the introduction of this program if it kills you at lunchtime. You are committed and have blocked out the whole lunch hour and have even communicated to your staff to “leave you alone”. At 11:30AM, some clients show up out of nowhere because they were in town for a convention and thought they swing by and say “hi”. You go to lunch.

Day four. Finally! You watch the introduction of the program! It reminds you how amazing it is, stirs up that excitement in you and you can’t wait to start using it and implementing what you learn.

Day 5 – 163. You keep telling yourself, “I gotta get back into that program. Yeah, I need to get to that…”

Almost everyone who has ever purchased a training program, business book, self-help videos, or access to recordings has faced the moment where they realized it gathered more dust on your “shelf” than it did to help you improve anything close.

As a provider of such training and development programs, there are several things you can do to facilitate this experience along and get better results for your clients.

One of the most powerful ways is to include coaching as a part of your offering. Clients who have a coach holding them accountable get them to actually open up the program and being using it. They start seeing results because they are being held accountable and focusing on the concepts within the training program that are most useful for them. As a result, the rate of product returns drop and clients hang around longer with higher probabilities of engaging in other products or services you might offer.

To learn more about the benefits of adding coaching to what you sell, go to and select “The Seven Secrets to Building a Profitable Backend.”

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