Want A Coaching Organization?
Let Us Be Your Coaches!

Avoid the hassles of your creating and managing your own coaching organization.  Hire us instead.

According to Personnel Public Management, training alone increases productivity by 22%, but when you combine training and coaching together, productivity – and you’re results – soar up to 88%.

If you have a training program, product or service and you would like to create extra value for your clients, adding business coaching could be your ticket.

Including coaching with your product or service will:

  • Get your clients to start using your products and services sooner because there is someone holding them accountable to using it.
  • Significantly reduce your rate of returns.
  • Add more value to what you are already selling.
  • Increase opportunities for future upsells.
  • Add an additional 6-7-figure revenue stream in your business.

Imagine achieving all of the above without having to pay $150K+ to get it started, make the costly mistakes of trying to figure it out on your own, having to hire costly, internal managers to run it, or deal with any of the hiring, training, development and management of the coaches?  It’s all done for you.”

Creating a coaching organization requires a lot of critical elements to do it right. You need to have the right resources, recruiting efforts, systems, management, and coaches, not to mention, the financial backing and the experience to put it all together.

One Source Coaching provides an entire coaching organization of experienced, professional coaches with all the systems. All you have to do is plug into it. Within less than a month you can have your own, customized coaching organization to reinforce what you already do best.

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Want A Coaching Organization? Let Us Be Your Coaches!

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