Build An Internal Coaching Team?
We Can Do That.

If you have a training program, product or service and you would like to create extra value for your clients, adding business coaching could be your ticket.

You may have even thought about this in the past, but how do you even get started? I have personally developed the business coaching organizations for some of the top business growth experts and marketers in the world: Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins, Jon Benson and Robert Allen, to name a few. All virtual. All successful.

Business coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world…and for good reason. On average, businesses yield a 500-700% return when working with an experienced, certified business coach. Business owners and Executives alike are recognizing the true value business coaching brings.

Including coaching with your product or service will:

  • Get your clients to start using your products and services sooner because there is someone holding them accountable to using it.
  • Significantly reduce your rate of returns.
  • Add more value to what you are already selling.
  • Increase opportunities for future upsells.
  • Add an additional 6-7-figure revenue stream in your business.

If you have the resources and financial viability to start an internal coaching organization and prefer to retain more control and direction with your coaches, having your own internal coaching organization might be right for you.

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Build An Internal Coaching Team? We Can Do That.

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